Sunday, January 8, 2017

So Far So Good

Good Times, Good Times...

2017 is going good so far. This week it snowed around 2 feet here where I live! So I've been spending a lot of time playing out in the snow and sledding with my awesome sled! Not to brag or anything but, I am pretty good at this whole, Sledding extravaganza.  I have even been attempting to stand on my sled while going down hill. It's like surfing, but in the snow! It's really fun. You should try it sometime. Anyway... I'm trying to have a fresh start this year, being more organized, drawing more often, have fun jamming to music... Okay, now i'm just going off topic. A fresh start is always goos because you can try new things and discover hidden talents! Hope you guys enjoy this part of my story! 

The Story That Does Not Yet Have A Name

I didn’t want to walk or take the bus home so I called my mom and told her that I needed a ride home. My mom took advantage of that and we drove over to the Dollar Store to get a bunch of candy. When we walked into the store and into the candy section, I was met with the sudden urge to drain the blood out of someone’s body. “Uh oh” I thought, “ full moon is kicking in!” I looked at my mom and she nodded to me. A sign that we should make it quick. I grabbed the candy I knew that the whole family would like and headed to the cashier.
After we were in the car, my mom didn’t even bother to check to see how long it would be until the moon had fully risen. She drove as fast as she legally could home. The whole ride probably took about 10 minutes and by the time we were home, my dad was just about ready to explode.
“Sorry dad, still getting used to the time change and kind of also forgot about full moon until we got in the store.” I slipped past him through the door and breathed in the fresh scent of pizza coming from the kitchen.
“That’s okay, try to set an alarm or something next full moon. Now quick! Help me block all outside light!” panicked my dad. My first instinct was to run upstairs and close all those windows. My mom would do the downstairs, and my dad the basement. We a scurried off to do our duty. I reached the top of the stairs and jumped into my parents room. I quickly shut all of the windows in their room and bathroom, then headed to my room. I pulled down the shades and covered them with my black curtains. You can never be too careful. I then rushed to my bathroom down the hall and shut that one window. I headed to the spare room where my mom and dad worked on their vampiric government stuff. I pulled everything closed and walked out of the room. I was heaving heavily from rushing room to room but still ran downstairs to see if my mom or dad needed help. They had both finished already and where grabbing all the essentials for a Friday night Full moon movie night. I picked up some cups and plates and headed downstairs to set it all up. “Just so you know, I would claim the best spot on the couch before your dad does, we’re sleeping in there tonight.” said my mom.
“What? Why?”
“Oh, no reason.”
“Oh really.” I remarked, my mom is really bad at lying and since it was a full moon I knew something was up. But I didn’t say anything else to question her because I knew her horrible lying would get worse. I can always tell when she is lying but mom has a way of hiding things without spilling anything.
When all of the food and candy was set up, I ran up to my room and grabbed all my overnight necessities, blankets, pillows, phone, book, sketchbook, laptop, headphones and stuffed animals (I may be 15 but I am a child by heart). I tossed the blankets, pillows and stuffed animals down the stairs and grabbed the other things. When I finally reached the basement, my parents had started eating. “Hey! I thought you’d wait for me!” I cried.
“Sorry hon, we were really hungry.” replied  my dad with a guilty look on his face. I couldn’t help but notice that he had his fangs bared with pizza sauce dripping over them with blood. “Ew dad, you could at least unhinge your fangs when you eat!”
“It’s more comfortable having them like this you know.” shrugged dad.
“Plus, it’s not like we are eating out around humans” my Mom added. I rolled my eyes and claimed a spot on the couch before my parents could sit down in my favorite spot. I made myself at home and then got up to grab a slice of pizza.
When we were about halfway through the movie, my dad got up and paused the movie. “Com’on Dad! You could’ve waited until the scene was over!” I whined.
“No. I just remembered something important that your mother and I need to discuss with you.” said my Dad sternly.
“Ok, what is it?” I asked. That’s when I found out I wasn’t just vampire.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Changes and Happy 2017!!!!

 Big Changes On The Second Post Already?!

So, let me just start this Post by saying...  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! And now the, well, "interesting" stuff. So I have decided to not do all the other stuff. I can sense all of the confusion. What I mean is... I will be posting only the story I am working on! I don't personally feel like I am up to making a post once a week with all of that stuff to do. But I do think that it would be nice to post a bit of my story (which does not yet have a title or proper chapters). If you haven't read the beginning of the story, I would check out my first post right now so you don't get spoiled reading this post. I feel like just having a bit of my story posted is not enough so I'm going to do something like this where I rant on about something and then post a bit of the story.

The Story That Does Not Yet Have A Name

When the bus reached school, I made sure that I was one of the first kids off the bus and in school. If I was certain of one thing, I knew that devils hated schools. They were afraid of the teachers and all the students because they had more trouble fitting in more than vampires. I rushed to my locker and started putting away my jacket and other thing that I did not want to carry around all day. “Hey Spikey,” called a voice behind me, “ wanna come over and study tonight?”
“No sorry I can’t, family plans.” I responded without turning around.
“ Aww man, what is it this time?” asked my friend Raven.
“ Full moon movie night.”
“ Ohh I see.” Raven muttered. Raven was my best friend out of our little gang of friends. We called ourselves the Shadow Crew because we all have dark, shadowy names. The group consisted of me, Raven, Ash, Crimson, Midnight, and Burn (Ash and Burn are twins). We were the ones that everyone thought was punk and rebel-like, but really, we were the the least like that. We just all were dark and mysterious and had pretty cool names. Not to brag or anything. So yeah, maybe we wore edgy makeup and would wear punk-edgy clothing, but hey, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.
As Raven and I headed to homeroom, I saw Kiara in the hall flirting with her boyfriend. “Ew”. I thought, “we’re in school.” as we passed them I rolled my eyes and made a sarcastic kissy face in Raven direction. She smirked and rolled her eyes back at me.
In homeroom, Raven and I were talking about a book that we had both just read and how much we loved it when our teacher, Miss Tanny, called the classes attention.
“Good morning everyone, I have an important announcement for you all. We will be getting a new student on Monday. I don’t yet know her name but she is moving to this school from Diablo High. You may keep talking, I just wanted to tell you all so you would not be surprised.” she turned sat back down in her desk and the chatter rose up again. Diablo high? I knew that place! It was the private high school for devils that didn’t want to go to a public school. Oh great. Just what I needed. She will know I’m a vampire the minute she steps into the room. Great. I turned back to Raven and we continued talking.
When lunch came, I headed to my locker. My locker is where us Shadow’s all meet to go eat lunch. I reached my locker and saw Ash, Midnight, and Crimson were already there. “Hey guys.” I nodded.
Wazzup” responded Ash and Crimson. Just then, Burn and Raven reached my locker. “Hey ready to eat?” asked Burn. we all nodded and headed toward the English Hall. We always ate there because it had nice big windows and benches for some odd reason. “Did you guys hear about the new girl?” I asked.
“Yeah, Mr Rob told us about her.” said Midnight. Crimson nodded in agreement, “Mrs Perry told us about her too. They must have told the whole 9th grade during homeroom.” she said. We continued eating our lunch and chatting about our plans for the night and how we think we would do on the Social Studies quiz. When the bell rang for last period, we jumped up and ran to the trash can as fast as we could. We all had the same class last period on Friday’s so we all rush toward the class. The reason that we rush was because we did not want anyone to know that we ate our lunch there or else we would probably get some company from the jerks in the school wanting to take the spot from us. That’s what happened to us in middle school when some other kids found where we ate and kicked us out of there. From then on, we never left a trace of where we sat during lunch. When we reached our classroom, we stood outside the door just like we had to everyday. When our art teacher reached the class, she would let us in. As we waited, we decided to talk more about the Social Studies quiz. By then, people had filled the hall and were lining up behind us waiting for our art teacher, Ms Randy, to show up. When she did, she let us in and told us not to grab our artwork just yet but to just have a pencil and a lined piece of paper at a ready. When Ms Randy entered the classroom, she told us what our directions for today.
“Okay class. Today is going to be a bit, well, different,” she took a long pause and looked around the classroom, “this class has been working on showing emotion in our current pieces of artwork. But today, I decided to do something a bit, ummm, on the shady side,” she looked at my table,” for today, we will be drawing our fears. Make sure you add flow and emotion. You may begin drawing.” chirped Ms Randy
I turned to my group and rolled my eyes. “Oh we’re so shady and dark” I said in my most Ms Randy-like voice. Ash rolled his eyes and told me to shut up in case she heard us. I bent down to start drawing. I don’t really have a “worst fear” but I am afraid slightly in one thing. That devil that I had seen on the bus this morning. That really creeped me out. I was about halfway through sketching when Ms Randy looked over my shoulder.
“So Thorne, why a devil?” she asked. I couldn’t tell her the truth so I made it all up.
“Oh, well I uh, they kinda creep me out, the way they can just grow horns out of their head, I mean, how the heck do they do it? I find it really creepy.” I lied.
“Okay then. Well this drawing just looks amazing, do you mind if I hang it up out in the hall once you’re finished?”
Of course I didn’t pass up the offer to let her hang it out in the hall! But I told Ms Randy not to tell anyone that it was me. She agreed then walked away. Burn looked at me as if I had just told him that I was a vampire. I just shrugged and kept drawing until the bell rang.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Welcome to the Creativity Tank

About Me: 

I'm just a person who loves doing all things creative, writing, drawing, cooking, and more! I love to write stories and draw the characters in them. Hope you enjoy my post which will have a different topic anytime! I might post a snippet of a story I am writing or I may upload some images of drawings or paintings instead of a story but either way, I hope you all will enjoy.

Story Writing:

Like most writers, I love to write (Duh). Most of my ideas for stories are inspired by artwork or dreams I have had, or music I listen to, or just reading a good ole' book. I am currently working on a story inspired by a dream I had quite a few weeks ago. I don't remember too many details from the dream but I do remember a very intense scene from the dream, but you will have to keep reading the story to find out (Heh heh heh). The story is based in present day RI (I think), where devils and vampires live amongst humans. But there is one little problem-o that is hard to fix. Vampires and Devils don't get along. At all. Or so they all thought. Thorne, the narrator and main character, knows that she isn't normal. She's a vampire. So are her parents. So they say. One night, on a new moon, Thorne notices her parents acting weird. Soon after asking her parents after their behavior, she finds out that her father is a Devil! She is overly confused when realization hits her. She is part Devil. 
Sounds cool right? I mean, sure it's a bit cliche' but I am trying to make it as "original" as possible. So, here's a tip: If you want to write a good story but don't know what a good topic would be, just thinks about good books you read, cool dreams you've had, or your favorite songs! That is what gets me writing. 
Here are a few pages of the story I'm working on: 

A figure in a gray cloak dragged me to a room. I could not see their face but I did see long red hair. The figure whom I guessed was a girl, held my hands and scrubbed her fingers against my nails. She moved up my arms and grabbed my chin. She forcefully opened my mouth and started rubbing her fingers against my teeth as if they were nail files. The figure moved her hands up to my scalp where she started to press her fingertips against my head. The figure suddenly looked up and whispered in my ear. “Be careful out there, they will be looking for you soon.” and with that, she pushed me up to the wall so that I had to press myself onto the cold concrete and ran out of the dark room. I could hear the pounding of music in the background but was really listening to my heavy breathing. I didn’t know what that woman had just done to me but one thing was certain, she knew I was a vampire.

“Bye Mom, I’m going to school now!” I yelled from the front door.
“Oh bloody boo! Don’t leave yet!” my mom hollered from the kitchen.
“Mom! I told you to stop calling me ‘bloody boo’!” I complained. I had been trying to get my mom to stop calling me vampire baby names but she would not stop. And you would think that the head of the vampire government would know  a thing or two about listening to people. I whipped my head towards the kitchen as my mom emerged out of it. “I have a little something for you!” she sang. I rolled my eyes.
“What is it?”
“Seesh! Way to make me want to throw you in a pit of boiling garlic.”
“That is so stupid mom! I had garlic just the other day and did I die, no! The worst thing that happened was that I had really bad breath!” my mom rolled her eyes back at me and handed me a box. I opened the little thing and was revealed to a small necklace. It was a choker with an evil eye symbol and when I picked up the eye, it seemed to glow a bit.
“I thought you’d like it.” said my mom after noticing the look of pleasure on my face.
“But why now? I mean, shouldn’t you have given this to me for Christmas?”
“It’s a full moon tonight. Remember?” my mom sang.
“Yeah but I thought our deal was that you would get me the candy of my choice and we would hang out inside with dad. The door chained closed and the windows draped with no moonlight seeping through.”
“I know, but tonight is special.”  she stated dreamily. I rolled my eyes and put on the choker.
“Oh! I almost forgot. Do not take that necklace off no matter what. Ok?”
“Ok mom.” I sighed. I kissed her goodbye and walked out of the house into the chilly winter air. I checked my phone to see what time it was and gasped. There was no time to walk. I’d have to take the the bus. I ran back to the bus stop just in time to see the bus rolling up the street. I sighed. I made it. I would be in loads of trouble if I was late for school. The bus came to a stop and the doors opened. I hopped onto the bus and found the first empty seat I could find and took out my sketchbook. I hated taking the bus because it was always jam packed with people talking about the most stupid, inappropriate things you could think of. I started sketching and stopped for just a moment and looked out the bus window. I looked at the library and saw something that would probably give me nightmares for a week. A devil was looking at me smack in the eyes and the worst part, he had a look of blood filled hunger in his eyes. When he realized who he was looking at, he started to run. Straight. Towards. The Bus.

Hope you enjoyed the beginning of the story! I will try to post parts of it for almost very post. 


I love drawing, painting, and most art. I don't have much to say about art right now but I can tell you about some pictures I might upload for you to see. If I don't have a drawing that I want to show you, I might put up photos or drawings or paintings or videos that inspire me or might just be inspiring to anyone in general! For those of you that like to watch videos of people drawing or painting or really doing anything artsey, a youtuber that I would highly recommend would be Art ala Carte, otherwise known as Valerie Flynn, is an amazing artist. She is so sweet, kind, and humble and she is the first youtuber I would recommend if you wanted a drawing tutorial or inspiration. I would go check her out right now. Here is a link to her channel. If the link doesn't work, go to youtube and type in "Art ala Carte" in the search bar.

Let's Talk About Something Random:

I love reading, And I don't see why that should be a bad thing. But in this generation, not as many people really read anymore. I ask random people I know if they like reading and a majority of the response is "ew. reading." I mean, come on, it's not that bad. I'm not trying to hate on people that don't like to read, I'm just merely stating that reading is cool. 

Songs You Should Probably Listen To:

  • Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time - Panic! At the Disco
  • Centuries - Fall Out Boy
  • We Don't Believe What's On TV - Twenty One Pilots
  • Enemy Fire - Bea Miller

Well that's all for my First Blog Post! Hope you will visit to read my next post! Hope that I actually post a next post! (LOL) Keep being chill!