Sunday, January 8, 2017

So Far So Good

Good Times, Good Times...

2017 is going good so far. This week it snowed around 2 feet here where I live! So I've been spending a lot of time playing out in the snow and sledding with my awesome sled! Not to brag or anything but, I am pretty good at this whole, Sledding extravaganza.  I have even been attempting to stand on my sled while going down hill. It's like surfing, but in the snow! It's really fun. You should try it sometime. Anyway... I'm trying to have a fresh start this year, being more organized, drawing more often, have fun jamming to music... Okay, now i'm just going off topic. A fresh start is always goos because you can try new things and discover hidden talents! Hope you guys enjoy this part of my story! 

The Story That Does Not Yet Have A Name

I didn’t want to walk or take the bus home so I called my mom and told her that I needed a ride home. My mom took advantage of that and we drove over to the Dollar Store to get a bunch of candy. When we walked into the store and into the candy section, I was met with the sudden urge to drain the blood out of someone’s body. “Uh oh” I thought, “ full moon is kicking in!” I looked at my mom and she nodded to me. A sign that we should make it quick. I grabbed the candy I knew that the whole family would like and headed to the cashier.
After we were in the car, my mom didn’t even bother to check to see how long it would be until the moon had fully risen. She drove as fast as she legally could home. The whole ride probably took about 10 minutes and by the time we were home, my dad was just about ready to explode.
“Sorry dad, still getting used to the time change and kind of also forgot about full moon until we got in the store.” I slipped past him through the door and breathed in the fresh scent of pizza coming from the kitchen.
“That’s okay, try to set an alarm or something next full moon. Now quick! Help me block all outside light!” panicked my dad. My first instinct was to run upstairs and close all those windows. My mom would do the downstairs, and my dad the basement. We a scurried off to do our duty. I reached the top of the stairs and jumped into my parents room. I quickly shut all of the windows in their room and bathroom, then headed to my room. I pulled down the shades and covered them with my black curtains. You can never be too careful. I then rushed to my bathroom down the hall and shut that one window. I headed to the spare room where my mom and dad worked on their vampiric government stuff. I pulled everything closed and walked out of the room. I was heaving heavily from rushing room to room but still ran downstairs to see if my mom or dad needed help. They had both finished already and where grabbing all the essentials for a Friday night Full moon movie night. I picked up some cups and plates and headed downstairs to set it all up. “Just so you know, I would claim the best spot on the couch before your dad does, we’re sleeping in there tonight.” said my mom.
“What? Why?”
“Oh, no reason.”
“Oh really.” I remarked, my mom is really bad at lying and since it was a full moon I knew something was up. But I didn’t say anything else to question her because I knew her horrible lying would get worse. I can always tell when she is lying but mom has a way of hiding things without spilling anything.
When all of the food and candy was set up, I ran up to my room and grabbed all my overnight necessities, blankets, pillows, phone, book, sketchbook, laptop, headphones and stuffed animals (I may be 15 but I am a child by heart). I tossed the blankets, pillows and stuffed animals down the stairs and grabbed the other things. When I finally reached the basement, my parents had started eating. “Hey! I thought you’d wait for me!” I cried.
“Sorry hon, we were really hungry.” replied  my dad with a guilty look on his face. I couldn’t help but notice that he had his fangs bared with pizza sauce dripping over them with blood. “Ew dad, you could at least unhinge your fangs when you eat!”
“It’s more comfortable having them like this you know.” shrugged dad.
“Plus, it’s not like we are eating out around humans” my Mom added. I rolled my eyes and claimed a spot on the couch before my parents could sit down in my favorite spot. I made myself at home and then got up to grab a slice of pizza.
When we were about halfway through the movie, my dad got up and paused the movie. “Com’on Dad! You could’ve waited until the scene was over!” I whined.
“No. I just remembered something important that your mother and I need to discuss with you.” said my Dad sternly.
“Ok, what is it?” I asked. That’s when I found out I wasn’t just vampire.

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